The metadata in an image.


struct Metadata


Instance properties

var application:[(type:Chunk, data:[UInt8])]

An array containing any unparsed application-specific chunks in the image.

var chromaticity:Chromaticity?

The image chromaticity.

var colorProfile:ColorProfile?

The image color profile.

var colorRendering:ColorRendering?

The image color rendering mode.

var gamma:Gamma?

The image gamma.

var histogram:Histogram?

The frequency histogram of the image palette.

var physicalDimensions:PhysicalDimensions?

The physical dimensions of the image.

var significantBits:SignificantBits?

The image color precision.

var suggestedPalettes:[SuggestedPalette]

The suggested palettes of the image.

var text:[Text]

The text comments in the image.

var time:TimeModified?

The image modification time.

Instance methods

mutating func push(ancillary:(type:Chunk, data:[UInt8]), pixel:Format.Pixel, palette:Palette?, background:inout Background?, transparency:inout Transparency?) throws

Parses an ancillary chunk, and either adds it to this metadata instance, or stores it in one of the two inout parameters.